All-In-One (AIO) thin mini-ITX cases

Before I give you the list of cases I’ve found, I’ll first explain a little about the thin Mini-ITX form factor.

Thin Mini-ITX form factor

In a nutshell, thin Mini-ITX is a form factor that is almost the same as the normal mini-ITX form factor. The difference, as the name suggests, is in the height. Thin Mini-ITX motherboards are limited to a maximum height of 20mm, compared to 57mm for normal Mini-ITX boards. This makes them very suitable for All-In-One(AIO) desktop systems.

If you want more than a nutshell, here is a link to the document with all the specifications for Mini-ITX and thin Mini-ITX.

So, here’s a little list of the thin Mini-ITX form factor All-In-One cases I’ve found so far.

CTL All-In-One 650T Touch screen

There’s the CTL’s All-In-One 650T Barebone chassis with touchscreen @ It’s a little hard to find information about it, so ├»ll just be linking to the original website. Here’s the non-barebone version @ One youtube I found this video where a guy from CTL opens the thing up and shows you around a bit.


  • Touch screen.
  • It’s hard to name more advantages, because there’s so little information around. I can’t even tell you if it’s Full-HD or not(although I expect it to be).


  • No information on their website, which makes me wonder if this is the case I’d need.
  • Only 65 TDP CPU’s
  • Integrated graphics only

Loop LP-2150 All-In-One PC

The Loop LP-2150 seems to be a very popular thin Mini-ITX case, and almost the only All-In-One desktop solution(except the above CTL 650T). Tom’s Hardware made their own AIO PC using the Loop LP-2150 chassis:

Also, Maingear uses this case in their Solo 21 design.


  • A lot more information around on the interblag.
  • Very elegant design.
  • Full-HD display


  • No touch.
  • Only 65 TDP CPU’s.
  • Integrated graphics only.

GigaByte GB-AEGT All-In-One PC

This one is a bit of a power house. It complies with the Thin Mini-ITX standard, just like the above two, but this case featuers space and a PCI-E riser card to use a full-size double slot GPU.

That’s the unique selling point of this case. And personally I think it really needs this point, because it is quite chubby. Another smart thing the guys at Gigabyte did, is make it possible to use the GB-AEGT as an external display, via the D-Sub port on the back. So this is NOT an output, but an input.

Here’s a vid where they disassemble the tihing:


  • Full-HD display.
  • Supports full-size double slot graphics card.
  • Can be used as an external display.
  • Lots of room for drives.
  • Supports CPU’s with a TDP of 95w max.


  • Not very elegant design, althoug that’s primarily the back.
  • Not clear how they supply the GPU of it’s power. I guess it won’t be through the 130w powerbrick…

And last but not least:

ECS G24 serie, Aura and Odin

These are absolutely phenomenal thin Mini-ITX cases. And I think that one of these would be the one I’d buy, despite that fact that they don’t seem to be available anywhere. The most touchable thing I found, was a post from some guys who pictured and described the device at Computex 2012. Only I haven’t found a shop that sells them yet. Guess I’ll have to wait.


  • Optional Touch screen. I wouldn’t consider not taking that option.
  • Of course, Full-HD display.
  • Looks awesome.


  • No pictures of it’s insides.
  • Doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.
  • Integrated graphics only.
  • Not clear wether it’s a full system, barebone, or both available.
  • Probably also 65w TDP CPU max, but also not clear.



This is a kind of similar case to the above mentioned Loop LP-2150. Slightly bigger screen, but also full-HD, standard Intel laptop-style cooling, no touch capability, optical drive on the side, some front(side) I/O like USB and audio plugs, but nothing special. It is supposed to be a little easier to (dis)assemble than the Loop chassis, but I haven’t tried it out. The guys at Tom’s hardware did.

Here’s a video from Intel where they show you how to assemble the LG 22AM33NB.


  • Nice design if you look from the front, which you will do most of the time.
  • Full-HD.
  • Webcam, SDHC card reader and front USB built in.


  • Not to much information around
  • Really not much.

That’s my list so far. If you’ve found another All-In-One thin Mini-ITX chassis, barebone, whatsoever, please leave a comment, and I’ll include it in this post.

Hope you enjoyed!


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