Batch Rename in Mac OS X, using Automator

Batch rename in Mac OS X

Basically, I made a stand-alone app, that renames items you have selected. So you can either drop the items onto the app in your dock, or select the items and then run the app.┬áThere’ll probably be a lot of people out there who did the same and posted about it on the web, but probably slightly different.

Here is a download to the Batch file.

If you don’t like downing small app’s from small unknown bloggies, here’s how you can create your own batch rename in Mac OS X. In 5 minutes.

How to make a Batch Rename Utility using Automator

Open Automator. It’s located in your Applications folder. You’ll be presented with this screen(or something similar).

Batch rename utility Mac OS X using Automator

Select Application if you want a stand-alone app, and hit Choose. Now, type “selected” in the search box, a drag “Get selected Finder items” to your workspace. It doesn’t have any options. Go back to the search box, and type “rename”. Then drag “Rename Finder items” to the workspace, below the other action.Batch rename utility Mac OS X using Automator

But before it is placed, you’ll be presented this screen. Just, hit “Don’t add”, because you only want to rename the files, not resize them or something.Batch rename utility Mac OS X using Automator

Now, the Rename Finder items action has some nice settings. Just select what you like, but very important, under Options, check the checkbox “Show this action when the workflow runs”. This will give you the opportunity to change the name, numbering and such at runtime instead of only in Automator.Batch rename utility Mac OS X using Automator

That’s it! Really! Hit save, enter a nice name and you’re done. :-)

I hope it’ll save you a lot of time. It does for me.

Happy hacking!

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