Batch Rename in Mac OS X, using Automator

Batch rename in Mac OS X

Basically, I made a stand-alone app, that renames items you have selected. So you can either drop the items onto the app in your dock, or select the items and then run the app. There’ll probably be a lot of people out there who did the same and posted about it on the web, but probably slightly different.

Here is a download to the Batch file.

If you don’t like downing small app’s from small unknown bloggies, here’s how you can create your own batch rename in Mac OS X. In 5 minutes. Continue reading Batch Rename in Mac OS X, using Automator

MacBook DVD drive fix guide

Macbook DVD drive fix

The optical drive in my MacBook Pro has been malfunctioning for a very long time. Starting with errors when burning dvd’s, then failing to burn cd’s and eventually failing to do quite anything but spit out discs after I insert them. When I wanted to install Windows 7 as dual-boot option, I found that it was highly inconvenient to lack a working optical drive. I’d have to get a disk image from the dvd, restore it to a partition on my mac, try to boot from there, only to find out that that won’t work for reasons with bootsectors and other stuff.

No, I just needed a working optical drive. Continue reading MacBook DVD drive fix guide

MagSafe Plug repair guide

In this MagSafe Plug repair guide I’ll, obviously, tell you how to fix a T-shaped MagSafe plug. :-) Note that you have to be carefull. With another(3rd party mac PSU) I managed to break my left I/O board(at least, the charge controller on it).

Lets start of with the plug:

Magsafe plug - Magsafe plug repair guide

You see the cable broke off just next to the block. To fix this, we’ll have to open up the plug. Open it up? Yes, you’ll be surprised how much electronics is in there. Continue reading MagSafe Plug repair guide


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