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Custom pen tablet pc laptop combination: Updated

A Custom Pen Tablet PC

A while ago I made this custom pen tablet pc laptop combination from an old laptop and an old pen tablet. It was really fun to play around with, but the construction was a little wacky. The whole thing was built around the plastic lower case of the tablet, so if I pushed a little to hard with the stylus, I could feel the plastic bend.

Here’s a pic of the three points it rested on:

I thought this wasn’t cool, so made another construction to support the whole thing. I ended up with a sort of wooden slope to rest the tablet on. It works really well. :-) Continue reading Custom pen tablet pc laptop combination: Updated

Kindle 4 hack: disassembly and serial I/O header

Kindle 4 hack and disassembly, including the mounting of a serial header

My brother is doing Kindle 4 hack, so he needed to open it up. He found only one video at from a guy who shows you how, but he used a lot of force. That’s not something you want to do on such a device, so he asked me if I knew a better way to open it up. I didn’t. But we did find the better way(I think).

What we’re gonna do:

  • Show all snaps and flaps that hold that back cover in place
  • Open the Kindle 4
  • Solder a header onto the serial I/O

My brother made a post about a USB to serial I/O device that he uses for his Kindle at his website.

Snaps and flaps

Let me first start by giving you a picture of the device AFTER opening it up, so you can see how everything is clicked together. First a plain pic, then a pic with all the snaps and flaps circled. Kindle 4 disassembled Continue reading Kindle 4 hack: disassembly and serial I/O header

Control iBook G4 temperature with G4FanControl

Control your iBook G4 temperature

In this post I’ll tell you how you can control iBook G4 temperatures. If you have an iBook G4, you’ll probably have it for a very long time now. One thing that old computers tend to do, is get really hot. One thing you don’t want them to be, is hot.

A while ago, I was repairing an iBook G4 for a friend(and also did a cooling mod on it). After all the hassle that is described in the adove linked posts, I had to find a way to monitor the temperature, and preferably, control the fan speed.

Step 1: Get G4FanControl

G4FanControl is a very hard-to-obtain piece of software(partly because it’s so old). So I uploaded it, so you can download it here:

[EDIT]: Updated link, the old file somehow didn’t work anymore. Now with readme file included! :-)

G4FanControl download

G4FanControl lets you view the current temperatures of your components(Northbridge, CPU and GPU), but most important, it lets you set the temperature limit at which the fan kicks in.

Unfortunately, it’s an app you have to run in terminal. I’ll tell you how. Continue reading Control iBook G4 temperature with G4FanControl

How to Improve iBook G4 Cooling

While I was fixing my iBook G4, I thought it would be a good idea to improve iBook’s cooling, because the reason it was broken was most probably bad cooling. So I decided to make a guide on How to Improve iBook G4 Cooling.

Here’s a pic of the iBook before modding and repairing it.

If you want to know how I repaired it, check my blog on How to Fix the iBook video problem. In this case, I’ll skip the whole process of unscrewing the iBook, because iFixit already has a very decent guide.

That’s not what we’re gonna talk about here. We’re gonna modify the cooling. Continue reading How to Improve iBook G4 Cooling

iBook G4 video problem fix

A friend of me handed me an iBook G4, with the message “It’s broken. Can you fix it?”. It turned out to have the well-known iBook G4 video problem. All over the screen where nasty colored stripes.

The below picture was taken during an atempt to install Mac OS X Tiger(10.4)

It wasn’t workable at all. I knew there is a fix for this kind of problem, and that is consists of just soldering a loose chip back on. Here are some of the websites where I found my info:

They all focused on the faulty contact between this chip, and the logicboard. So, let´s give that a go. Continue reading iBook G4 video problem fix