Custom pen tablet pc laptop combination: Updated

A Custom Pen Tablet PC

A while ago I made this custom pen tablet pc laptop combination from an old laptop and an old pen tablet. It was really fun to play around with, but the construction was a little wacky. The whole thing was built around the plastic lower case of the tablet, so if I pushed a little to hard with the stylus, I could feel the plastic bend.

Here’s a pic of the three points it rested on:

I thought this wasn’t cool, so made another construction to support the whole thing. I ended up with a sort of wooden slope to rest the tablet on. It works really well. :-)Pen tablet pc from the side

Here’s a video from me playing around with it on the solid wooden slope.

From the rear it looks like this:Pen tablet pc from behind

From left to right: DC-in, PS/2 with tablet and keyboard, LPT, Serial I/O with tablet, RJ45 for networking, VGA, and S-video. If you look carefully, you even see a microphone sticking out of it in the top right corner. This was built into the laptop, and I liked the idea of having a mic on it.  In the lower right corner is a little power button, next to the white/orange wires.

I also improved the cable that goes from the display to the PCB that controls the display. I don’t know it’s name, but it’s not LVDS. Anyway, on the old model, it sometimes partly disconnected(in fact, always after a while when the tape got loose), and the screen would start showing all kinds of stripes and stuff, or just go black. So I glued the ribbon cable to it’s socket. Here you see the connector before and after. If someone can tell me the name of the connector, that’d be cool.

And of course we want to see the insides! Here’s a pic from underneath.Pen tablet pc from underneath

On the top is the HDD. In the middle, all the way down is the inverter for he backlight of the LCD. On the top left is are the white/orange wires for the power button. On the middle left you see the CPU cooler, and pretty much everything else is shielded. Sorry, folks.

The final device looks like this:Custom pen tablet pc

I hope you enjoyed! Check out the original post for the building process, and please feel free to leave a comment if you liked this post.

Hapy hacking!

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